First Aid Certification for Yoga and Pilates Tutors with Colin Fordham

Do you need to resume your First Aid Certification to confirm your teacher’s insurance?

This is the Urgent First Aid at Work Certification suggested by the HSE that meets specifications for instructors of yoga exercises and yoga.

The course includes Urgent First Aid, such as resuscitation, proper proper the subconscious and management over blood loss, but as Colin is also a certified BWY Yoga Instructor, and has been planning First Aid Times for Yoga and Pilates instructors for several years, we get a more ‘relevant to the yoga exercises situation’ way of our First Aid, and Colin is pleased to respond to concerns relevant to the yoga/pilates scenario that might not be resolved in an ordinary First Aid If you are an instructor this work shop is ideal for FRYOG CPD. If you be present at please make sure it is mentioned on the sign-up that you are a FRYOG instructor for CPD records”.

How to Book: Figures are restricted so guide beginning to prevent frustration, using the weblink below. Colin will be with us again on 30 Sept 2018. Please see activities schedule results to book

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