Chief Tahir Chaudhry

Tahir Chaudhry iChef Tahir Chaudhry s an symbol chief cook, TV superstar as well as cooking Advisor through great Pakistani and Worldwide meals preparation experience. He currently serves one of the best meals preparation reveals on MasalaTV “Cooking on a Budget” every few days. Here he shows mouth-watering and in the white meals preparation in lowest time that meets your funds. At once he has provided LaCucina as well on Masala TV and came out as a visitor on different meals preparation and health reveals. Chef Tahir Chaudhary combines his attraction for meals and television in the popular meals preparation display meals preparation on a funds, a Masala TV sequence attributing delicious formulas with unique immediate ideas that all are finished within cost-effective sources.

Tahir Chaudhary started his cooking exercising in Overseas resort Dubai, where he got a meals and cleanliness qualification. For further exercising and skills he went to Portugal and Tuscany and obtained exercising in the new england of Tuscany and Le Meridian Hotel Portugal, finished perfected the art of People from france Dishes.

The season 1998 was his desire season when he went to Singapore and provided exercising in different resorts and dining places. He came back to Pakistan in 2005 and signed up with PC Gwadar as an professional chief cook. Subsequently he became a part of Marriot resort in Karachi again as an professional chief cook. These days he is on Masala TV; his first overall look meals preparation display was Masala TV’s well-liked program Lagocheena.

This vibrant chief cook and cooking professional offer viewers practical cooking alternatives and a informative understanding of the major necessary to guarantee unlimited success in the kitchen. Chef Tahir Chaudry is the former chief cook in Pakistan to get a masters degree from the People from france Culinary School in The united states.

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