Chef Zakir Recipes

Chef Zakir Recipes

   Chef Zakir Recipes

Chief cook Zakir Recipes are very well-known in all over the Pakistan, His ideal rate of  Recipe  ingridents creates him destingish chef. His close relatives generally connected to Bombay.





Zakir last name is Qureshi and his complete name is Muhammad Zakir Qureshi. He was blessed in Pakistan on Feb Sixteenth 1967. Zakir first university name is Qulsoom Bai Valika School and he was approved his matriculation from Government. Young children School of Santabad. He finished his advanced from a well-known greater education for boys Allama Iqbal which is located at Celebrity Checkpoint Terminal Karachi.

The only activity of Zakir is food preparation and his preferred position is Madina and God Cpe city in European countries. In 1980, Zakir made the decision to get qualified from a well-known Resort and he began his exercising from at Sheraton Resort which is located at Team Street Karachi. He exercising at this hotel for about six moths and after that he went to Avari Resort for exercising which is located at Fatima Jinnah Street, Karachi and when he qualified here about a season he went Gem Navigator Karachi.

In 1986, he went to Dubai for operating in as an established Chief cook and he invested here about two season in two most well-known dining establishments. After these two decades in 1988 he went to Singapore for remained and after a season he went to Southern African-american for greater analyzed in his occupation. He also had done some job in different eating position with his research and after three decades he moved to Batswana.

When Zakir finished 11-12 decades remain in UK, he come returning to Pakistan where he very new signed up with a Indus TV route. In 2006, he began his encounter with other well-known route Hum Tv and after two season he activate for Masala TV. Now in Pakistan he was a most preferred Chief cook with his specific reveals.

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