Chef Shireen Anwar

Chef Shireen AnwarShireen Anwar Recipes

Cooking professional Shireen Anwer was purchased up in an atmosphere where chefs ready the meals and because of this she was incapable to fry an egg even when she got wedded. She statements to keep attention in meals preparation from an beginning age but never got a opportunity to do so until she got wedded. She then took appropriate sessions to understand how to prepare from meals preparation professionals in Pakistan, UK, USA, Indian and other areas around the globe where she got a opportunity to check out.

Shireen Anwer began her own meals preparation sessions and until time frame a large number of women have gained from her theories and Shireen Anwer’s formulas. She began with her own meals preparation display on a well-known TV route Masala TV and became well-known amongst the public very soon. Shireen Anwer says that she is motivated by Zubaida Aapa and Chief prepare Mehboob. Her attention and really like for meals preparation has also motivated her to become a preferred of her lovers and she is well-known by a large number of meals preparation display lovers.

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