Cannelon of Beef recipe

Cannelon of BeefCannelon of Beef recipe  by Chef Roland  Mesnier. This mouth watering “ Cannelon of Beef recipe can be ready in 30 moments and provides 3-4 people




Recipe Ingredients


2 lbs. trim various meats, cut from round

Grated rind? lemon

1 tbsp perfectly sliced parsley

1 egg

? tsp. red onion juice

2 tbsps dissolved butter

Few gratings nutmeg

1 tsp. salt

? tsp. pepper


Recipe Method

To get ready this Cannelon of Beef Formula, first cut various meats perfectly, and add staying substances in order given. Shape in a move six inches wide long, place on carrier in dripping-pan, and organize over top pieces fat sodium chicken and get ready Half an hour. Sprinkle every five moments with one-fourth cup butter dissolved in one cup steaming water. Provide with Darkish Mushroom Marinade I.


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