Anatomy, movement and fascia in Yoga – deepening your personal practice with Gary Carter

‘Encouraging ease and performance in activity for yoga exercises exercise and daily life’

Gary brings his own unique educating design together with his ‘skeletal’ models to give a great understanding into how our bodies goes in yoga exercises positions and the potential issues if we neglect the physiological aspect of how we work. Grettle uses framework items and pictures to provide a better knowing of our bodies, looking at the Myofascial framework from a new perspective and making sense to go.Gary will help to show the learners how to improve their exercise and take it to a further level, but knowing how to go effectively, and that the knowing of exercise is not only based on our yoga exercises but also how we come in our daily life.These classes are not for starters to yoga exercises, but for people who would like to discover their yoga exercises exercise in more detail. It is that you have worked with Grettle before, or are familiar with the Scaravelli design. But if this is your new you are very welcome, and we hope you enjoy what might be some new techniques to your practiceIf you are an instructor this work shop is suitable for FRYOG CPD and BWY CPD. For FRYOG you will need to go at least 2 of Gary’s classes to from the required time, BWY instructors these depend as 3 points per work shop. If you be present at please create sure it is mentioned on the sign-up that you are a FRYOG/BWY instructor for CPD records”.

How to Book: Guide on-line or if you wish to pay by check you can email Jules for a reservation form on

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